NHS Top-Up Dental cash plan

Protection for both routine and preventative
dental care for you and your family.

Dental cash plan overview

A visit to the dentist, whether NHS or private, can be painful enough. With dental bills becoming ever more expensive, it’s easy to see why it pays to have protection for both routine and preventative dental care.

Two levels of cover, and the choice to add Extras, puts you in control of tailoring exactly the right dental plan for your needs.

Why should I buy an NHS Top-Up Dental cash plan?

These are just some of the things that you will be covered for with your NHS Top-Up Dental cash plan. Scroll down to view all benefits.


Keep your teeth in tip-top condition with cover for routine dental treatments.


Reimbursement for incidents of acute pain, swelling or a dental haemorrhage requiring an emergency dental appointment.


Cashback for restorative dental treatments where the injury to the teeth has been caused by an external blow to the teeth, face or jaw.


Cover for treatment under the care of a recognised specialist for restorative treatment required as a direct result of oral cancer.

Hospital stays

A lump sum after receiving treatment in an NHS hospital for a dental injury or restorative treatment as a direct result of oral cancer.

Your health, your choice

  • Choose from 2 levels of cover.
  • Decide between NHS or private treatment, or a mixture of both.
  • Spread the costs of your dental plan and pay monthly.
  • Choose to see any UK registered dentist.

What isn't covered

  • Any claims submitted more than 6 months after the treatment took place.
  • Any treatment undertaken or completed prior to joining the dental plan, or within an applicable qualifying period.
  • Any conditions/injuries you had when you took out the dental plan (pre-existing conditions). This does not apply to General Dental Treatment.


  • Restorative treatment relating to oral cancers diagnosed or for which symptoms or signs develop within the first 90 days of your policy starting (90 day deferment period).
  • Dental consumables and appliances such as mouth guards.

For a full list of what isn’t covered, please refer to the guide in the ‘Download documents’ section below.

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Frequently asked questions

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