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Whatever the size of your business, we can help your staff to feel valued by enabling them to claim money back on their healthcare expenses. Prescription charges, trips to the dentist and opticians, never mind taking care of your backache with visits to the chiropractor, means costs quickly spiral.

That’s why we created our innovative NHS Top-Up business cash plans. So your staff can get money back for the eligible treatments that they need.

By investing in an NHS Top-Up business cash plan, you’ll help to increase retention, motivation, and productivity.

Our NHS Top-Up Corporate cash plan is an excellent way to attract and reward your staff from just over £1 per employee per week.

No matter the size of your workforce, we can help your employees feel valued and get money back on routine healthcare such as prescriptions, dental and optician appointments and much more. So your employees don't have to be ill to benefit from our NHS Top-Up Corporate cash plan. However, if they are unwell, we can help them get quicker access to therapeutic treatments, such as a chiropractor or physiotherapist, or advanced cancer drugs, not available on the NHS, if you include the mycancerdrugs Extra. An EAP will keep your staff engaged and productive, as well as minimising the impact of any external distractions on employees’ ability to function or focus while at work.

By investing in your workforce, you’ll encourage your staff to focus on their wellbeing. Underpinning your wider business reward strategy, to drive sustainable improvements in business performance and help support aspects of your pastoral duty of care responsibilities to your employees.

If you’d like to talk through how to create the best plan for your staff, our expert team are here to help.

Why should I provide my employees with an NHS Top-Up cash plan?

staff retention

Attract and retain the highest calibre staff by including our cash plan in your wider reward strategy.


Improve staff wellbeing for a healthier workforce.


Reduce staff stress with access to an EAP which includes stress management, counselling and professional managerial support for the workplace.


Improve staff productivity and motivation, with employees getting quicker access to private medical treatments.


Reduce staff absenteeism due to mental and physical ill-health.

Employee benefits

  • Optical, dental and therapies, such as physiotherapy and chiropractic care.
  • NHS car parking, and cash back for staying in hospital.
  • Specialist consultations and second opinion.
  • GP services and prescriptions.
  • Optional lifestyle choices, such as counselling and protection while in Europe.

What isn't covered

  • Any claims submitted more than 6 months after the treatment took place.
  • Long term (chronic) conditions (which are longterm illnesses that lead to long-term monitoring or management).
  • Treatment for allergic conditions.


  • Childbirth, fertility or neonatal treatment (except new baby benefit).
  • Psychiatric conditions (except 24/7 helpline).

For a full list of what isn’t covered, please refer to the guide in the ‘Download documents’ section below.

Download documents

Frequently asked questions

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Employer FAQs

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Employee FAQs

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Want to create a truly bespoke plan for your company?

We understand each business is different, and that our pre-defined NHS Top-Up plans may not be quite right if you want to insure up to 300 employees on a company paid basis. WPA's Precision Corporate Healthcare scheme allows you to craft bespoke cash plans and hybrid schemes (PMI / cash plans) to reflect the unique needs and goals of an organisation.

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